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Gasoline Truck Drivers

Gasoline Truck Drivers & Benzene

Gasoline truck drivers were historically exposed to dangerous levels of benzene. Why? Because gasoline contained up to 5% benzene.  

Gasoline tanker drivers were exposed to benzene vapors via terminal loading operations and while unloading at the retail gas stations. Tanker drivers would have been exposed to gasoline fumes while gauging storage tanks. Invariably, over the course of their day, most gas truck drivers would end up getting gasoline on their skin. These long-term inhalation and contact exposures can lead to illnesses years after the actual exposures, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

Liability Because of Negligence 

Terminals that did not use vapor recovery systems can be held liable. Top-loading gasoline was especially dangerous, and went on too long. Baffles and internal bulkheads do not protect about benzene-cause leukemia.  The manufacturers of the benzene-containing fuel are named because their products caused the driver’s illness. These cases often involve numerous defendants under a few different legal theories. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced benzene attorney is crucial.

As a result of their long term benzene exposures, individuals involved in fuel distribution are at an elevated risk for certain diseases, including MDS, AML, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Benzene is a naturally occurring chemical found in crude oil. It is colorless, somewhat sweet smelling, and was historically added to solvents and degreasers because of its cleaning utilities. Benzene is found in gasoline and diesel fuel. The fact is, any number of workers in fuel distribution were likely exposed to benzene through their work, including the fuel terminal employees, tanker truck drivers and gas station attendants.

Tanker Truck Drivers & Benzene – Verdicts & Settlements

$3,520,000 verdict (Iowa, 2016)

In his 30s at the time, the Decedent was a contracted tanker truck driver who regularly transported toxic products. As a result, he was regularly exposed to chemicals containing benzene. Plaintiff claimed this exposure led to the decedent’s diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome, which quickly developed into acute myeloid leukemia. Decedent died within a year of his diagnosis.

$7,500,000 verdict (Nevada, 2011)

The Plaintiff, a tanker truck driver, endured chronic exposures to benzene during a six year period loading and delivering gasoline from the Defendant’s fuel terminal in Las Vegas. As a result of his exposure to benzene, the Plaintiff developed myelodysplastic syndrome and passed away shortly after his diagnosis at the age of 58. At trial, the Plaintiff’s estate presented evidence that showed his exposure to benzene had caused chromosomal damage to his DNA. Prior to trial, the estate agreed to confidential settlements with the other Defendants.

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Fuel distribution employees diagnosed with AML or MDS have successfully brought lawsuits against the owners of the terminals where gasoline and diesel fuel was loaded.  Why is that? These companies were aware of the dangers of benzene but did not warn individuals transporting the fuel or take precautions to limit the exposures. 

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