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Brake & Carb Cleaners

Tradespeople who historically worked with brake and carburetor cleaners may be at increased risk for leukemia. Call 1-800-BENZENE today to learn more.

Who is at Risk for Leukemia from Brake & Carburetor Cleaners?

Brake and Carburetor cleaners are used by a great variety of trades and hobbyists (who mainly use them as parts cleaners), but the workers who used those products the most include:

What Cancers are related to Brake & Carburetor Cleaners?

Brake and carb cleaning products contained hydrocarbons like benzene and toluene, a benzene derivative. Benzene is an extremely potent carcinogen which can be inhaled, ingested, and absorbed through the skin. Benzene is known to cause blood and bone marrow cancers and disorders including

How do Brake and Carburetor Cleaner Lawsuits Work?

At the time of their exposures, most of our clients were not properly warned about the benzene in the products that they were using. As a result of that negligence, we will file suit against the manufacturers of the products that caused our client’s leukemia. In railroad and maritime cases, we will also sue the employers. Each case is different.

What Brands of Brake and Carb Cleaners are of Concern

Manufacturers of the following brands have been sued for benzene exposures:

  • CRC Brakleen;
  • CRC Clean-R-Carb;
  • Valvoline Brake Cleaner;
  • PB B’laster;
  • Gunk;
  • O’Reilly’s brake cleaner;
  • Gumout; and
  • B-12 Chemtool

Leukemia Lawyers for Brake and Carb Cleaner Exposures

If you are a mechanic or other type of industrial/shop worker who regularly worked with brake and carb cleaning products, and you have received a diagnosis of AML, MDS, NHL, MM, or other type of leukemia, contact Hughes Law Offices today. Your time to file a lawsuit is limited. Request an appointment online, or call 1-800-BENZENE to speak directly with one of our benzene attorneys.

Brake & Carb Cleaners – Verdicts and Settlements

$3,500,000 settlement (Florida, 2020)

The Plaintiff was a lifelong mechanic who was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in his late forties.  Over the course of his career he used a variety of carb and brake cleaners including B-12 Chemtool, CRC Brakleen, Gumout, and PB B’Laster as well as other benzene-containing products like Safety-Kleen, Liquid Wrench, and Marvel Mystery Oil. His first exposures to benzene-containing products occurred when he was only around ten years old. The Defendants argued that the Plaintiff’s illness was caused by his decades-long smoking history; however, they eventually agreed to settle the case for $3.5 million. (Howell v. Palmdale Oil Co.)

$6,370,000 settlement (California, 2019)

The Plaintiff was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome at the age of 68. Prior to his diagnosis, he had spent forty years working as an automotive mechanic, auto body repairman, and automobile painter. During this time he used numerous benzene-containing brake and carb cleaners such as B-12 Chemtool, Champion Carburetor Cleaner, Gumout, and PB B’Laster. The Plaintiff sued the many companies who manufactured the benzene-containing products he was exposed to. After a year and a half of litigation, the parties agreed to a 6.8 million dollar settlement. The Plaintiff passed away shortly thereafter. (Thomas v. Azko Nobel Coatings Inc.)

Hughes Law Offices is providing these case histories to inform visitors about actual case fact patterns, settlements, verdicts, and rulings. Unless specifically noted, the cases summarized herein were not handled by attorneys at Hughes Law Offices.

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