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Gas Station Attendants

Gas Station Attendants & Leukemia

Why are gas station attendants at elevated risk for leukemia? Individuals who worked as gas station attendants prior to the 1990’s may have been exposed to dangerous levels of benzene. Benzene exposures can sicken workers decades after the actual exposures. As a result of their benzene exposures, gas station attendants are at an elevated risk for leukemia, including myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML).  

Benzene is a colorless chemical that is found in gasoline and diesel fuel. Today’s gas pumps have vapor recovery systems to reduce benzene vapors. But most pumps did not have those systems until the 1990s. Many mechanics have also spent many hours a week pumping gas. Full-service gasoline islands are not common today. Most gasoline was dispensed by attendants prior to 1990. Oregon and New Jersey still require gasoline to be pumped by attendants and not customers. 

gas station attendant leukemia

Better, But Still Not Safe

In addition, the benzene content in gasoline was much higher when attendants were pumping gas. The benzene content could be as high as 5% prior to enactment of EPA regulations in 2012. Today, the benzene content in gasoline averages 1%. 1% may not sound like much. Keep in mind that equates to 10,000 parts per million. Companies are required to warn consumers about benzene when those products contain 1,000 parts per million. You can see how gas stations attendants are diagnosed with leukemia more than most others.

We May Be Able to Help

Gas station attendants diagnosed with AML or MDS have successfully brought lawsuits against the refiners and distributors of gasoline and diesel fuel. Why is that? The companies that manufactured and sold these products were aware of the dangers of benzene before they began to reduce the concentration of benzene in the products. 

If you worked as a gas station attendant and have developed a blood or bone marrow cancer, please contact an experienced benzene lawyer at 1-800-BENZENE.

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