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Why are Mechanics at Elevated Risk for Parkinson’s Disease?

Mechanics and other tradesmen are at an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease as a result of chronic occupational exposures to chlorinated solvents. Call 1 (800) 236-9363 to learn more.

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    What are Chlorinated Solvents?

    The term “chlorinated solvents” refers to a large family of solvents that contain chlorine. At room temperature, chlorinated solvents typically appear in the form of a sweet-smelling colorless liquid. Examples of common chlorinated solvents include:

    • Trichloroethylene (TCE)
    • Tetrachloroethylene (AKA Perchloroethylene, PERC, or PCE)
    • 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA)
    • Methylene Chloride (AKA Dichloromethane or DCM)
    • Vinyl Chloride (VC)

    Are Chlorinated Solvents Toxic?

    Chlorinated solvents can be very toxic. A high-concentration exposure to a chlorinated solvent can cause unconsciousness, coma, and even death. Chronic low-level exposures to chlorinated solvents may result in irreversible damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, and central nervous system. [1-5] Several chlorinated solvents have also been classified as known or probable carcinogens. [6]

    Can Chlorinated Solvents Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

    In recent years, the scientific community has increasingly linked Parkinson’s disease to chlorinated solvents. Chronic exposures to trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PERC), in particular, are associated with the development of Parkinson’s disease. [1-2] Exposures to TCE and PERC have also been tied to other neurological disorders such as toxic encephalopathy. [7] If you or a loved one suffered chronic exposures to chlorinated solvents and have received a related diagnosis, you may be entitled to compensation.

    How are Mechanics Exposed to Chlorinated Solvents?

    Chlorinated solvents can be found in many of the products which are marketed as solvents, degreasers, cleaners, sealants, lubricants, penetrating oils, paint thinners, paint strippers, and primers. Mechanics, electricians, machinists, pipefitters, painters, and other tradesmen are exposed to chlorinated solvents when using these products.

    How do Dangerous Exposures Occur?

    A dangerous exposure to a chlorinated solvent can occur by inhaling solvent vapors, by ingesting food or drink that has been contaminated with a chlorinated solvent, or by absorption through the skin. [1-5] Inhalation is often the primary pathway of occupational exposures, especially when working with chlorinated solvents sold in aerosol cans. Such exposures can be made much worse when working in cramped inspection pits or unventilated garages.

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    Parkinson’s disease tends to develop later in life. Consequently, any contributing toxic exposures may have occurred decades ago. Linking these exposures to your illness will require experienced toxic tort attorneys. At Hughes Law Offices, working alongside our industrial hygiene and occupational medicine experts, we will take all of these exposures into account when building your case. Call 1 (800) 236-9363 for a free attorney consultation today. Your time to file a claim is limited.

    Which Products Contain Trichloroethylene (TCE)?

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of products that contain or previously contained trichloroethylene. [8]

    Aervoe Nfp Safety Solvent

    AirDuster Gun Wash

    Brownells C-60 Solvent [TCE Cleaner] Degreaser

    MS CA Quik Kleen

    Claire Solvent Degreaser

    CRC Coil Cleaner

    CRC Heavy Duty Degreaser

    Cyclo Brake & Parts Clean

    Dyna-Brake Cleaner (Aerosol)

    EL Electronic Contact Cleaner & Protectant Aerosol

    EL Flash Free Electrical Degreaser

    EMS Film Cleaner

    EZ-Glide Lubricant

    GWJ Film Cleaner 90

    Grease Gun X-TRA

    RemaTipTop Liquid Pre-Buff Cleaner

    Sprayon LU 201


    Pro Tools MP Penetrant Lubricant

    ProChem Electro Blast

    ProChem Electro Solv

    ProChem Knock It Off

    ProChem Pro Tools NF Solvent Degreaser

    ProChem Tacky

    ProChem Truex

    Quick Smart Electric Motor & Equipment Cleaner

    RemaTipTop Innerliner Repair Sealant

    RemaTipTop OTR Special BL Cement

    RemaTipTop Rim & Bead Sealer

    RemaTipTop Special Cement BL

    RemaTipTop T-2 Compound Repair System

    RemaTipTOP Thermopress MTR

    Share Corp Safety Solvent Aerosol

    Sprayway 201 & 206

    Sprayway Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner – Aerosol

    Sprayway C-60 Solvent Degreaser

    Sprayway Fusing Machine Cleaner

    Tru-Flate Liquid Buffer Cleaner

    RSC Tool Cool II

    Zep 45

    Zep Aerosolve II

    Zep Brake Parts Cleaner

    Zep Lubrisil

    Zep Par

    Zep Parts Cleaner

    Zep Power Solv II

    Zep Super Solv

    Zep Top Solv

    Zep X-Out II

    Which Products Contain Tetrachloroethylene (PERC)?

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of products that contain or previously contained tetrachloroethylene (AKA perchloroethylene). [9]

    4n1 Lubricant/Penetrant

    ABC Brake Cleaner

    ACM Gutter/Narrow Seam Sealant, Aluminum Gray

    ACM Gutter/Narrow Seam Sealant, White

    AGChem Electric Motor Cleaner

    Amerimax SeamerMate Professional Grade Permanent Gutter Seal Gray

    Amerimax SeamerMate Professional Grade Permanent Gutter Seal White

    Aqua-Lub Lubricant 5360

    Ashburn Cleaner – Degreaser, Non Flammable (Aerosol)

    Ashburn Cleaner Degreaser

    Ashburn Penetrating Lube

    AST Brake Cleaner

    AST Super Dry II

    Autoseal 3370 Adhesive

    Berkebile 2+2 Clean Brake

    Berkebile Electric Contact Cleaner B900

    Berkebile Oil 2+2 Tire Inflator

    Berryman Brake Parts Cleaner 1401, 1405, 1415, 1420, & 1455

    Berryman Professional Chem-Dip Carburetor & Parts Cleaner 0901, 0905, 0955

    BG Brake & Contact Cleaner (Aerosol)

    Black Zero Rust Primer

    Blast Kleen

    Blue Zero Rust Primer

    Bodacious 5720

    Brake Sav (Red/Blue) LB

    Break Away

    Brody Chemicals Penetrating Lubricant Aerosol

    C-139 De Aqua Lube (Aerosol)

    Camel 12-092 Non-Flammable Liquid Tire Buffer and Cleaner

    Carquest Brake Parts Cleaner

    Champion 4126 Brake Cleaner

    Champion Brake Parts Cleaner

    Champion’s Choice Penetrating Oil and Demoisturant

    Chemax Blast It

    Chemax Dielectric Encapsulator

    Chemchill Electric Motor Cleaner

    Chemlok 220 Adhesive

    Chemlok 6220 Adhesive

    Chesterton 273 Electric Motor Cleaner

    CK Preserve

    CK Punch It

    Claire Moisture Out Penetrating Oil

    Clear Lube A A1124

    Coal Tar Remover

    Coastal “Un-Stuck” Heavy Duty

    Coastal Bodacious

    Contact Cleaner, 55-120 Blended Formula


    CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner

    CRC Cable Clean RD

    CRC Electrical Parts Cleaner

    CRC Heavy Duty Degreaser

    CRC Lectra Clean Heavy Duty Electrical Parts Degreaser

    CRC Lectra Clean Heavy Duty Energized Electrical Parts Degreaser

    CRC Lectra-Motive Electric Parts Cleaner

    CRC Marine Cleaner and Degreaser

    CRC Quick Clean Safety Solvent and Degreaser

    CRC Tyme-1 Cold Parts Cleaner

    Crest Auto AG-W, White Lithium Grease

    Crest Auto AK-B/AK-B, Brake Kleaner

    CT-353 Brake Parts Cleaner

    CTF-14, Cutting & Tapping Fluid

    Cyclo C109, Parts, Tools & Brake Cleaner

    Cyclo C32, Brake & Parts Clean

    Cyclo C37, Break Thru Electric Motor Cleaner

    Cyclo C85, Energized Circuit & Contact Cleaner

    Degrease 20+, 90-305, 90-306 Blended Formula

    Dowclene 16 Series

    Dowclene 36 Series

    Dowclene PX Series

    Dowclene PX-16S cleaning fluid

    Dowclene PX-33/PX-36 cleaning fluid

    Dowclene PX-43S cleaning fluid

    DRI All Purpose Penetrant (Aerosol)

    Drummond Open & Shut Penetrating Oil

    Duncan OG 802 White Gold

    Duro Dyne Coil Cleaner – Solvent Based

    Dyna-Brake Cleaner

    Dynatex 52145 Electrical Parts Cleaner

    Eclectic E6000, E6100, & E6800

    EL 703 Electric Motor Degreaser Aerosol

    Electro-Clean 5160-5170

    Enplate Stop-Off No. 1

    Farm Oyl Rust Buster

    Fast A1007

    Fast Dry Solvent

    Flush A

    Flush Monkey

    Foremost 531 Dewaxer Degreaser

    Foremost 582 Safety Solvent II

    Foremost 584 ES Contact Degreaser

    Foremost 585 Solvent Cleaner

    Foremost 586 Super Solv II

    Foremost 591 ES Super Safe Solv

    Foremost 602 ES Dri ‘N Lube

    Frontier #850 Chain & Cable Lube

    Frontier #853 Pen-Safe

    Frontier #873 Chain & Cable Clear

    FRP Column Adhesive

    G.T.O. Carpet Plus

    GB Electrical Degreaser

    Geocel 2000, 2300, 2320, & 2350

    Geocel Instant Gutter Seal Gutter & Narrow Seam Sealant

    Geocel Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant

    Geocel Pro Flex Tripolymer Sealant

    Geocel S2 Solar Panel Roof Installation Sealant (white)

    Geocel Water Shield Caulking Sealant

    Gray Zero Rust Primer

    Grease Cut, 55-120 Blended Formula, Grease Cut

    Grease Gun A

    Grease Gun in a Can

    Green Zero Rust Primer

    Gunk Brake Parts Cleaner – Chlorinated

    Gunk Electric Motor Contact Cleaner – Energized Equipment

    Hagerty Silversmiths’ Spray Polish

    Handy II

    HD Degreasing Solvent

    Heavy Duty Silicone 80-695

    Hornady – One Shot Primer Sealer (Lock-N-Load Primer Sealer Kit)

    Hy-Sol, Hydro-Balance

    Ignition & Wire Dryer 142LA

    Jet-Lube Clean Up Aerosol


    Johnsen’s Brake Parts Cleaner

    Kimball Brake Clean Free

    Kool Tool Product #7-499320

    Lawson Brake Klean Non-Flammable Brake Parts Cleaner

    Liqui Grease

    Liquid Wrench Non-Flammable Lubricating and Penetrating Oil with Cerflon

    Loctite Maintain Lubricant Penetrant

    Loctite Pro Strength Parts

    Loose Screw 6007

    LP-650 (A) Silicone

    LU200L Dry Film Moly Lubricant

    Mag 1 Brake Parts Cleaner 408

    Mag 1 Electric Motor Cleaner 445



    Meyer Brake Parts Cleaner CN-1261

    Meyer TP-69

    Midas Tarnish Shield

    Mighty Chlorinated Brake Cleaner

    Miracle Tool (Aerosol)

    Misty Brake Parts Cleaner

    Misty ICS Energized Electrical Cleaner

    Misty Moisture Guard

    Misty Penetrating Lube

    Moisture Guard

    MS 513 Super Quick Kleen II

    MS 550 Super Pen 4

    MS 572 Grease G

    MS CA Quik Kleen

    MS E-Z Glide Lubricant

    MS Electra-Dri

    MSC Cutting Tool Coolant

    NAPA Mac’s Brake and Brake Parts Cleaner

    NOCO E1009 Restore Black Battery Reconditioner

    North Woods Electro Kleen

    NRI Electric Motor Cleaner

    Nu-Calgon Aerosol Degreasing Solvent EF

    Nu-Calgon Degreasing Solvent EF

    Nut Buster


    Orenco ADH 100 Clear (Non Flam)

    Original Formula Alumtap


    Overall Brake Parts Cleaner

    Pad Kleen 8070

    Parts Master Brake & Parts Cleaner #1733

    PEN Penetrating Oil

    Penray Electric Motor Cleaner

    Pierce 009 Penetrating Lubricant

    Pierce 5090 Penetrating Lubricant

    Pierce 5500 Penetrating Lubricant

    Polyurethane 8800 Series-Base

    Power-Solv Energized Electrical Cleaner


    Pro Tools MP Penetrant Lubricant

    Pro-Strength Brake and Parts Cleaner


    ProChem Knock It Off

    ProCOLOR SWD Tripolymer Sealant

    Pronto Brake Cleaner

    Pronto Brake Cleaner

    Pyroil Brake Parts Cleaner

    Repell Moisture Displacer

    Q20 Multi-Purpose Lubricant

    Qmaxx Industrial Strength

    QuestVapco Quickleen II

    Quicksilver Marine Parts Degreaser and Cleaner

    Quick Smart Electric Motor & Equipment Cleaner

    Radiator Specialty Company Brake Parts Cleaner (Chlorinated)

    Rapid Solv

    Red Zero Rust Primer

    Rubber Roller Restorer


    SAF-SOL 20/20 Aerosol


    Safety Lube 2000

    Safety Red Zero Rust Primer

    Safety Solvent Cleaner 004

    Safety Yellow Zero Rust Primer

    Service Pro Chlorinated Brake Cleaner

    Service Pro Non-Flammable Brake Cleaner – SP4820

    Sheila Shine (Aerosol and liquid)

    SIFCO Process Tuff Mask

    Sili Lubricant 5370


    Silicone Spray 4504


    Solv-All 2 Metal Parts Solvent 80-929

    Soot Clean Spray, 35-620 Blended Formula

    Sprayway Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner

    Sprayway L2 Moisture Displacer/Deep Penetrant

    State SSD II

    Sunbelt Nut Buster Penetrating Oil

    Super Degreasing Solvent

    Super Slide A

    SuperCo Break Away

    SuperCo Bust A

    SuperCo SSP 200

    Talon Chlorinated Brake Cleaner

    Talon White Lithium Grease

    Tan Zero Rust Primer

    Team 89 Nut Buster

    Techtride Perk

    Terand Coil Cleaner Solvent- Based C

    Tip Top Metal Primer PR 300

    Tool Cool Aerosol

    Tool Coolant II

    Tool Crib Electric Motor and Contact Cleaner

    TORQ + Intensive Action Penetrating Oil 80-923

    Tru-Flate Liquid Buffer Cleaner

    Turco 5570-G

    Turco Form Mask 537

    Turco Form Mask 540-R

    Ultra-Chem Blast

    Ultra-Chem Break It

    Ultra-Chem Buster

    Ultra-Chem Cure

    Ultra-Cut Cutting Tool Coolant 80-801

    United 108 Quik Break

    United 96 Anabonda

    Vapco Spray Degreaser

    Waterproofer 25

    Well-Worth Brake Cleaner

    White Lightning Storm Blaster All Season Sealant, White

    Winzer Cool Spray

    WL 941 Dry Weld Spatter Protectant Aerosol

    Xtra Seal

    Yellow Zero Rust Primer

    Zep 45

    Zep Anti-Spatter

    Zep Brake Parts Cleaner

    Zep Chlorinated Degreaser Blend

    Zep Formula 300 4-1 GL

    Zep Lubrisil

    Zep Parts Cleaner Aero DZ

    Zep Solv


    Zircon Z99 Safety Solvent











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