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Do You Need a Multiple Myeloma Lawyer?

Published on April 22nd, 2021 by Andrew Hughes

Multiple Myeloma, a “Rare” Cancer That Sickens Thousands

More than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with multiple myeloma annually. As patients focus on chemotherapy sessions and in some cases, stem-cell transplants, many multiple myeloma patients don’t ever figure out what could have caused their disease. Treating doctors are focused on putting the cancer into remission, not what caused it. Most multiple myeloma patients have never heard of benzene or that exposures to this chemical could have caused their cancer. With so much information on the internet, even people looking for the cause of their cancer or that of a loved one may not find answers. They may not know they need a multiple myeloma lawyer. 

Jobs that Double Your Risk for Multiple Myeloma

Jobs that Double Your Risk for Multiple Myeloma

Luckily not everyone exposed to benzene develops multiple myeloma. Typically, only those with ten or more years of regular toxic exposure are at an increased risk for this cancer. There are dozens of studies related to benzene exposures and multiple myeloma, sometimes broken down by craft or trade.  Gas station attendants were found to be twice as likely to develop multiple myeloma. Petroleum workers who were exposed to crude oil were 2 ½ times more likely to get multiple myeloma. Mechanics,plumbers, railroad employees, offshore workers, and printers are just some of the workers at significantly elevated risks of developing multiple myeloma due to benzene exposures.  One expert scientist compiled seven different studies and concluded that individuals with significant workplace exposure to benzene were more than twice as likely to develop multiple myeloma than the general population and that benzene was indeed a cause of multiple myeloma. Regardless of how your employer classified you, if you worked with petroleum-based products, you may be at  risk.

When to Call a Multiple Myeloma Lawyer?

Just as not everyone exposed to benzene develops multiple myeloma, not every case of multiple myeloma is traced back to benzene. There are known risk factors for multiple myeloma.  For instance, it is more common in older people, those who are obese, or have a family history of blood or bone cancers. Race and gender also seem to play a role with men and African Americans more at risk. 

Do You Need A Multiple Myeloma Lawyer

People who regularly worked with products derived from petroleum such as solvents, degreasers, and paint thinners may have been exposed to unsafe levels of benzene. With years of experience working on benzene cases, the attorneys at Hughes Law Offices know which products contained benzene and which ones did not. After a thorough intake, we typically file multiple myeloma claims against the manufacturers of the benzene-containing products. If you or a loved one has developed multiple myeloma and suspect that benzene exposures played a part, call 1-800-BENZENE today and speak with a multiple myeloma lawyer.

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